Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Hot In Texas!

Well I just checked the Weather and I think Fall is Here! It is only going to be 96 today! We have been having 3 digit temperatures here now for a few weeks. I think I am ready for some cooler weather. I believe that all the critters are looking for somewhere cool to stay also. Al found a baby Snake in the garage and then the same day as he was loading his bike he saw a Fox across the street. Just so you know we live in the middle of Town! Crazy!
I just wanted to post my Newest Auction. You can find it here We had to settle for indoor pictures it was just to hot to make Abi model long sleeves outside!

Abi told me that the set needed a Castle on it so of course I put one on it. I love the New Rachel Dress
Pattern it lays so perfect. Abi Picked out her modeling shoes too and course Andrew always does a great job at pictures!
Hopefully Tomorrow I can do a little Grand kid Sharing and maybe even a giveaway!
Have a great day!

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