Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cow says MOOO and other things

FINALLY I have listed a new set. Isn't my niece Lilly adorable! Cute saying for the week: I told my Niece I made her a cowboy hat and her response was"Aunt Sharon Why didn't you make me a Cowgirl Hat" Got to love those cuties! You can find it listed here.

I will be listing this OOAK Ready to ship set tomorrow just in time for the July Fourth Celebrations!

Do you coupon? My Daughter got me hooked on couponing a while back and I am wondering why I have never done it before! I have cabinets full of Groceries like never before. Here are some of my recent deals! I buy a Dallas paper every Sunday that has an extra coupon section added to it and then I scour the sales adds! CVS Walgreens and Rite Aid(which we do not have) Have Super deals a lot of times but you have to learn how to use there money back coupons! I added some couponing blogs to my side bar that are excellent money saving resources!

Walgreens Deals! Total amount spent 2.22!!!! I had coupons for everything and added a money back coupon of $3.00 from the previous week!

CVS Deal I spent $0.00 here. I actually had to buy a pack of gum since I had a $3.00 Cash credit not to lose money.

Kroger Deal... I love that they double and triple coupons here all the time as well as our Brookishires. Total spent on all these goodies was $10.00!!! I snagged the Dishwasher Detergent for 50 cents with $2.50 coupons that I had.

Have a Wonderful Week!