Monday, December 28, 2009

Bringing in The new Year!

Our sweet Jacob Turned one

AND... Introducing the Newest member of the Family!

BORN DEC. 16th 8" 21"
Welcome to the family Sweet Belle

Friday, November 20, 2009

Color variations

I love being able to create different color variations of sets that I list and just wanted to share a few variations of my Frosty set I had listed on e-bay about a month ago

Here is my original set

Here is the same set in Raspberry and Aqua I created for a sweet customer who did not want traditional Christmas colors, I LOVE THIS. Sorry for the on the floor pics! I need to get a larger size Manni!

Here it is in more Traditional Christmas colors that i created for another sweet customer and it is just as CUTE!

Have a blessed Weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Just in case anyone ever check my poor blog I thought I should catch up!

Let me see if I can remember how to post!!! Man it has been a while. I think I will just start by catching up on my sweet Grandbabies and maybe one new set!

Well oldest First Chelsea now has her Permit Watch out Longview! Really I hear she is quiet a good driver!

Andrew has turned 10! Yikes Double Digits!

Abi is groing like a weed so and still modeling here she is in my latest Set that is on ebay

Nathan Turned two and had a Pirate party!

Jacob is now walking everywhere!

Lewis is crawling and pulling up and if you scroll down a bit you can see a huge difference in how both of these boys have grown!

Last but not least we are expecting the arrival of a new littl Grandaughter Isabelle within the next 5 weeks! AWW MIMI heaven!

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have you Checked out Wisteria lane Lately??

Click the Logo and Pop on over to our blog to see how you can win a fabulous Prize giveaway going on now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

CUTIE Kids and New Sets!

Thought I would share a few new pics of the kids and what they are up to this Summer! Chels is buy being a Teenager and also in the process of Running a cheer?Dance camp for girls this Summer I am so proud of her! I love her Pink hair! Andrew went to Boy Scout Camp lat week and had a blast. Miss Abi attended VBS and also has been going to Theater Camp for the past 2 weeks and they had there production Friday night, I will have to say I am so very impressed with how well the kiddos do for two weeks practice! Nathan has been busy playing in the water, Dad says he has been jumping at the diving board and sliding down the water slide at his Nanny's pool. Little Jacob is 5 months old and up on his knees wanting to catch up with Nathan! Lewis is 3 months and laughing and talking. I can not believe that they get so big so quick. Okay here are a few quick pics of the cuties!
Miss movie Star signing Autographs!

A Shot of Chels, Andrew and Abi at the show

Nathan having fun squirting Pop with the Sprinkler

Look at Mr Jacob up on his Knees!

Lewis has his Picture taken with his Pooh every month
He is getting so big

A couple of New Sets are coming soon!
GRRR!!! San boutiqueprincess and bows and I have collaborated on the Cute Calvin and Hobbs set. I will be doing some big guy Calvin and Hobbs tings also!

I just shipped this Sweet Alice set to a customer yesterday and she is Sweet enough
to let me list it in an upcoming launch with Wisteria lane!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cow says MOOO and other things

FINALLY I have listed a new set. Isn't my niece Lilly adorable! Cute saying for the week: I told my Niece I made her a cowboy hat and her response was"Aunt Sharon Why didn't you make me a Cowgirl Hat" Got to love those cuties! You can find it listed here.

I will be listing this OOAK Ready to ship set tomorrow just in time for the July Fourth Celebrations!

Do you coupon? My Daughter got me hooked on couponing a while back and I am wondering why I have never done it before! I have cabinets full of Groceries like never before. Here are some of my recent deals! I buy a Dallas paper every Sunday that has an extra coupon section added to it and then I scour the sales adds! CVS Walgreens and Rite Aid(which we do not have) Have Super deals a lot of times but you have to learn how to use there money back coupons! I added some couponing blogs to my side bar that are excellent money saving resources!

Walgreens Deals! Total amount spent 2.22!!!! I had coupons for everything and added a money back coupon of $3.00 from the previous week!

CVS Deal I spent $0.00 here. I actually had to buy a pack of gum since I had a $3.00 Cash credit not to lose money.

Kroger Deal... I love that they double and triple coupons here all the time as well as our Brookishires. Total spent on all these goodies was $10.00!!! I snagged the Dishwasher Detergent for 50 cents with $2.50 coupons that I had.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sewing projects and other things

I mentioned in past posts my oldest Grandson has been taking sewing lessons from me for about a month now. His first project was a gift for his mom for Mothers Day. I think he did an excellent job. Andrew I give you an A+ for your first project. I do not think he realized he would have to be doing some Math taking sewing lessons! All that is missing below is Chelsea. I guess a trip to Starbucks is in order so I can snap some pictures!

Of Course Miss Abi need to do a project for mom as well! I love her picture! I have not talked her into sewing lessons yet!

We watched Nathan and Jacob Saturday and could not resist snapping a photo in their matching outfits!

I took this picture of my Mom and Lewis when we visited last week. I thought it was a wonderful photograph

One last thing, my hubby has taken up gardening and I can not resist adding a picture of our "Urban Garden" I will have to say that everything looks fantastic and I am hoping that we have some fresh veggies on our table soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something for the Boys and just a little Cutness!

Under the Big top!! Nathan did such an awesome job modeling for me last weekend and the poor little fellow was under the weather. Pop blew some bubbles and he was a trooper. I think that this set turned out SO CUTE!!

Okay now it is time for some Cuteness. I went to visit my new grandson Monday with my mom so here are a couple of Pics of Lewis and a couple of My 5 month old Grandson Jacob. I can not wait until Christmas it is going to be a blast!

LOOK at the hair on that Boy! Lewis is such a Snuggler!

Got to get some updated pics of Jacob, he is Rolling everywhere!
Man I have some cute Grand kids!

I will have an update on Andrews Secret project on Monday and maybe I can get some pics of
my oldest Grand daughter!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Something Old and Something New

Well not too old LOL... I am so late in some of my post....
Chelsea turned 15 YIKES I am getting OLD!
Isn't she gorgeous

Abi had a Dance Recital You can pop over to Aimee's blog if you want to view the dance.

Okay so Updates on all the Activities of all my other cute Grand kids in the next post, Andrew is working on a Secret project I can not share until after a certain Holiday;) . I will be taking pics of Nathan in a new listing and well Jacob and Lewis I will just have to share their baby cuteness!

Okay now for Something New
I just listed this OH SO CUTE Fairy set last night. Abi wanted something to match her bubble gum pink Petti Skirt, well this was supposed to be a Bubble Gum Set, but I made an executive decision and made a Fairy set instead LOL You can find the listing here.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wedding Dress Challenge

I have been meaning to post about my wedding Dress Challenge for a while. A Friend of ours asked me a while back if i would take her wedding Dress and turn it into Baptismal sets for her two little ones YIKES!!! To say the least I was very nervous

Here is the wedding dress...not a great shot sorry!

And here are the finished Products, I was very pleased with the end product and aren't these just the cutest Little sweeties ever!

Thank you Sally for giving me the Honor of making your gorgeous children's sets for their very special day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Stacie who is one of my mailing list subscribers.
Congratulations Stacie, I have already sent an e-mail to her I can not wait to pick out fabrics and a theme!

I just want to say a big thank you for all the sweet Birthday wishes!

Have a Wonderful Day!