Monday, July 21, 2008

A New beginning

Wow it has been a while since I posted! Life is just crazy sometimes... I recently left my design group theChicks. What a hard decision that was to make, it is such a wonderful group of designers and friends and I will miss the group very much. I will be flying solo for a while and doing lot's of guest launches. I have joined up with two awesome launch groups "Caramelo" and "Boutique Circle of Friends" both have the most fabulous designers in them.

Zany Zebra

So I have the most fabulous hairdresser whom I might add was the same age as this little sweetie when I met her...anyway I trade sets for color and cuts and also get this fabulous little model for my sets!... Peyton is such a Doll baby! She has the bluest eyes and the cutest little Dimples! She requested a Zebra set so I just had to add some Polka Dots to Jazz it up! you can find the set here.

I am so in Love with my new "Toy"!
I bought a Serger that does cover stitches on knit,
it makes sewing knits so much fun... and I just bought a new pattern to play with from Fabricbliss,
the Antonia I will use it for the launch Debut with Caramelo. I also bought the Rachel Party Dress. I love New patterns!

Miss Peyton also modeled this Sweet Vida Dress I will be listing tonight that you will also find here.
She fell in love with the Fur cuffs!

My sweet Friend Tabitha kaydensgracedesigns always makes the cutest bows to match my sets. Make sure you check out all her wonderful bows!


Meg said...

Great new designs! I love the zebra & polka dots! Hugs! Meg

Katarina said...

You did an awesome job, as always!!!!!Can't wait to see what's next;)

Sharon said...

Thanks girls!

RAEGAN said...


crochetdlane said...

Wow Soooooo cute!!! Love the Vida dress and your model is just a doll!!! Miss you hun!! Hugs!


Sharon said...

Thanks Raegan and Lindsay, I miss you to girlie!