Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something for the Boys and just a little Cutness!

Under the Big top!! Nathan did such an awesome job modeling for me last weekend and the poor little fellow was under the weather. Pop blew some bubbles and he was a trooper. I think that this set turned out SO CUTE!!

Okay now it is time for some Cuteness. I went to visit my new grandson Monday with my mom so here are a couple of Pics of Lewis and a couple of My 5 month old Grandson Jacob. I can not wait until Christmas it is going to be a blast!

LOOK at the hair on that Boy! Lewis is such a Snuggler!

Got to get some updated pics of Jacob, he is Rolling everywhere!
Man I have some cute Grand kids!

I will have an update on Andrews Secret project on Monday and maybe I can get some pics of
my oldest Grand daughter!!!