Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday February 21

Well the flu bug has hit our house so my hubby is home today and we are all taking tamiflu. I am ready for warm Spring Weather. All the trees are budding out and the Tulip trees are in bloom. I noticed yesterday the Azzela's bushes have buds on them so it seems I do not have to long to wait for warmer weather!
This is my latest project for my Applique Group RNB. I have the Fabrics now I just need to put it all together! Think Hawaiian.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday February

I am finally starting my blog! This is quite an accomplishement for this 48 year old Grandma! Just a bit about me on his first day of blogging! I truly love designing children's clothing but first things first as I said I am a grandma so let me introduce my little sweeties!

My oldest Chelsea

Andrew Doing a little modeling for me

Abi is modeling one of my latest sets

Our newest addition Nathan

I have Stocked my Etsy Store this week. This is my newest set.