Saturday, August 9, 2008

This and That and A Give - Away!

Okay So I am a few days late on Posting a give -away but better late than Never! I need to Share a few cute Kiddos first!

I had the Honor of making Miss Grace her First Birthday Dress! What a sweet Face. I made the little Apron Reversible so she can wear it after her birthday! You can see more of this sweet birthday Dress Here.

Abi Did a little modeling for me while we were on a mini vacation. I was so Excited to get some wonderful outside pictures! I will be listing this cut Little Book Worm BTS Set Sunday Night!

Grand Kid Share! All my babies are getting so big! Chelsea is going to be a Freshman! Andrew is Going in the 3rd grade and Abi will start 1st grade this year!

Mr Nathan is 9 months and walking! he has to make room for Brother or sister coming in Dec. They find out Tuesday what they are having and say they are going to keep it a secret!

My Daughter Jessica called me yesterday to tell me that we will be having one more in mid April! Congratulations! Jessi and Franklin!
I am in Mimi Heaven. Two more grand babies!

Okay now it is time for a Give -Away! Leave a comment on this post and I will Randomly Draw a number on August 15th. The winner will win a pair of Extra Fluffy pair of these Crotchet Fur Cuffs in your choice of Color! A perfect addition to your Holiday sets!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jessica Eubanks said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby addition. Aimee is sooooo thrilled, ha! I know that Jessi must be too. What's in the water lately. I know sooooo many people that are pregnant. Did we have a world wide black out?? ha! I LOVE Grace's First Bday outfit, I had the honor of taking some pics of her today at her party. I will send you some. ;)

cpullum said...

Wow I love the pictures and you are very crafty!!! I would love to win!! I have 2 girls!!

Sugar*Buzz said...

Wow, Im loving the bookworm outfit!! Everything else is totally adorable as usual! <3

Rachael said...

hmmm the greedy part of me is saying....pick me pick me pick me! lol
I actually didn't know that you knew how to make these! Maybe I did and I forgot. Anyway you are way too talented woman! :):):)

Aimee said...

I want the pic you have of Grace & Abi! I am going to frame it for the living room. I asked Stacey, "did you ever think, 6 yrs. ago, we would be looking at a picture like that?!" Our God is pretty amazing! If I can't have babies with my sisters then at least I had them with my best friend. Best of all, she had a little girl for us to spoil when we could not have any more.

Kristi said...

Wow...stinking cute! I'm with Rach. Pick me! Everything looks gorgeous as usual!

Big Hugs!

The Perfect Trio said...

Congrats on two more grandbabies!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation's on the new grand babies!! Your family is beautiful:)Love the fur cuffs and your sets!

crochetdlane said...

LOVE the new Apron Dress Design!! And the Worm Set!!! How Cute! CONGRATS on your new Grand babies that are on their way!! How exciting is that? Hugs to you!!


Jaime said...

What adorable pictures of Grace! She is too cute! I don't actually have girls, so I don't need to win the giveaway, but I had to stop by and say hi! :-)

Your clothing makes me want a girl... :-)

Dana said...

so adorable! i have three girls... one of these days i'll need to get something for all three.

shannon said...

Thank you so much for the blog link. Your designs are adorable. It is so nice to get to know a designer better. This world can be so sterile anymore, I am grateful for your personal touch. Your Grandkids are also very adorable. They grow so fast,mine are boys 15,13,& 11 then my sweet surprise a 4 year old girl. Have a great day and thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to reading your blog!!!