Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Child Prodigies and a few more Bugs

I just listed this set for our RNB teams launch.
Daphne of Serendipity*Sweethearts and her daughter did the pictures!
What a Doll!

Now to Brag on my Grandchildren!

Prodigy #1 Andrew had a Site Reading Competition
For Piano and received a blue Ribbon!

Prodigy # 2 Abi Had her first Dance recital and
did an awesome job!

Prodigy # 3
At 6 months old Nathan is already crawling and pulling up !

Watch out Mama's all these kids are going to keep you on your toes!They must all take after there Mimi!

Pop and the kids tried out his Birthday present and took the
kiddos on a ride in his new toy.