Monday, April 14, 2008

Whirl Wind Weekend

What a Weekend! Let's see....... We

Did a Little Modeling

Our launch Starts Tomorrow!
Just need to finish those templates!

Did a little relaxing

Growled at Pop!

Played Some Soccer

Got a Little Windburned!
Although it was very cool we all looked
like this at the end of the day

Chassed a Ferrett out of my garage!
Not sure where he came from, but he
was on the way in my back door! The
kids got a kick seeing Mimi chasin the Ferret!

Fed Some birds

Played with some Lions! Well not really,
but we thought it would be fun to photoshop the kids in
so Mom would think they did

Saw tons of cool Animals at the Zoo

Did I say this Html dries me Nuts! LOL I can never seem to get the pictures spaced right


Aimee said...

what kind of mimi are you?! Letting your grandkids pet lions...I swear woman! Abi was all into telling me about petting them. She is a pretty good faker. Scary, huh?! Thanks again for watching them! Oh and


Sharon said...

I knew I could count on Abi! But then she is the same girl who wanted to know if I still had a bathroom in the laundry room!

Thanks for the early BD wish!