Thursday, June 18, 2009

CUTIE Kids and New Sets!

Thought I would share a few new pics of the kids and what they are up to this Summer! Chels is buy being a Teenager and also in the process of Running a cheer?Dance camp for girls this Summer I am so proud of her! I love her Pink hair! Andrew went to Boy Scout Camp lat week and had a blast. Miss Abi attended VBS and also has been going to Theater Camp for the past 2 weeks and they had there production Friday night, I will have to say I am so very impressed with how well the kiddos do for two weeks practice! Nathan has been busy playing in the water, Dad says he has been jumping at the diving board and sliding down the water slide at his Nanny's pool. Little Jacob is 5 months old and up on his knees wanting to catch up with Nathan! Lewis is 3 months and laughing and talking. I can not believe that they get so big so quick. Okay here are a few quick pics of the cuties!
Miss movie Star signing Autographs!

A Shot of Chels, Andrew and Abi at the show

Nathan having fun squirting Pop with the Sprinkler

Look at Mr Jacob up on his Knees!

Lewis has his Picture taken with his Pooh every month
He is getting so big

A couple of New Sets are coming soon!
GRRR!!! San boutiqueprincess and bows and I have collaborated on the Cute Calvin and Hobbs set. I will be doing some big guy Calvin and Hobbs tings also!

I just shipped this Sweet Alice set to a customer yesterday and she is Sweet enough
to let me list it in an upcoming launch with Wisteria lane!


kaydensgracedesigns said...

Sharon! The kids are so so so cute! LOL@ the pink hair! She is too cute! Love Abi signing autograohs :0) Love the baby boys! I wish we lived closer!

YOUR SETS ARE TDF! Love it all! So cute! You are so talented chickie!

crochetdlane said...

I see pink hair.....:) I Heart Pink! ;) All the kiddos are sooo cute!! Your latest sets are TDF as always but Xiera and I are truly LOVING your Alice Set!! Too Too cute!! Miss you hun!!