Monday, June 9, 2008


We visited Longview's Alley fest this weekend. Not to impressive.
Al ran the 5k and placed 4th in his age division, not bad for someone who did not train! We Listened to a blues singer "can't remember her name" and she is not listed on the events calender, ate some dinner with Friends and then...

I was treated with this "ACDC" knock off group, HMM.. not really my cup of tea but I did have a blast watching all the old people Bopping to the Beat! I hope a few of them had designated drivers!LOL

We also saw this band which was a little easier
on the ears! it was just nice to enjoy an evening out!

Here is a rare sighting of "ME" and my "HOTTIE HUBBY"
with the grand kids yesterday! Being a Mimi and pop is awesome!
Aren't they adorable. Not sure if you can tell in the photo but
Mom gave Abi a haircut, what started out as a trim ended up
a little shorter! it is adorable!

I am off to chain myself to my sewing table so I can finish customs.
I have the cutest fabric just waiting for me to sew! Customers First!


angie.a said...

Sharon, neither of you look old enough to be Mimi & Pops!!! Such a cute picture tho!

Sharon said...


Thanks for the compliment Angie!!!!