Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend Getaway and Hello Kitty

I thought I would share a sneak Peek on what I will be listing for theChicks upcoming Retro launch Everyone has some awesome designs going on! I know Abi is super excited about this new set!

Now For my weekend getaway!

Al And I were able to take a mini Vacation this weekend in Dallas we stayed at the Adolphus Hotel. Here is the view from our room. Usually visiting the "Big" city is not my idea of vacation. I am more of a cabin in the woods kind of girl. We stayed inside the city all weekend walking almost everywhere we went and it was the most enjoyable weekend

We had planned on visiting the Art museum and were pleased to find out there was an Art Festival in progress. We saw some really intresting "Car Art"

I thought the quote on the Autographed taxi was blog worthy!

We watched a cooking demonstration and had some TDF Chocolate Caramel Banana Foster prepared by a chef from The Grape Bistro
You might want to check out the website, he is supposed to add the recipe!

We had a wonderful Time visiting the Dallas Art Museum and just "Relaxing" a few more pics!

I will have to call this a "Zen" room. When you sat and on the benches and looked through the cutaway shown below it was so relaxing!

Abi wanted to know how they got up there!

I just thought this statue was lovely!

Thanks for stopping by!


Katarina said...

Seems you had a blast!!!Thanks for sharing these great pics;) and can't wait to see all the Retro launch listings;)

Sharon said...


thanks! I thought of you and your lovely artwork when I was visiting the museum! We will be revisiting this fall as they will be havint an awesome exhibit!

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time :) Take a look at my blog to see the special award I have for you...