Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at Mimis House and a few other things!

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I hope that Everyone had a Blessed Easter. We had a wonderful Day! We went to the early service for Church and Al and I came home to get dinner ready for the Family. I was in the mood for cooking but had prepared most everything the night before.
I wanted homemade Bread but did not want to get up early so I found this Over night ButterHorn recipe here and I will have to say they were wonderful.
it Rained all day and was quiet cool so no outdoor egg hunt for us but here are some pics from our fun day at mimi and pop's house!
Okay get ready cause there are a lot of Pics!
First off I have to Show off all the Families!

Little Lewis is already 3 Weeks

An Egg Hunt in the House!

Jacob Swam in the Easter Eggs

Nathan got His First Bloody Nose! Ouch!

An all time favorite Abi and Nathan Blanket sledding in the Hallway

The Big Kids decided it was a perfect day to raid Mimi's sewing Studio. Abi Loves to Design outfits on my Manni and she got Chelsea and Andrew involved. I think I see a new design coming in that Zebra print. I think they show potential!

Chelsea and Andrew decided to make use of the sewing machines! Chelsea does an awesome she whipped up this cute little bag

Andrew is very interested in Sewing Lessons so I hope that Aimee can work it into his school week! He decided on this cool Pillow and Yes that is a tent in my Living room Pop's idea!

Okay just a couple more pics of cuteness LOL

if you happen to be brave enough to have made it to the end of this post just let me know in your Contest comment and you will get 2 chances to win:)


kaydensgracedesigns said...

Sharon!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE all the pics! Soooo cute!! XOXXOX Man, I am dying to snuggle those babies I sure wish you lived closer! Such a sweet family gettogether! Of course I made it all the way to the end, lol! HUGS Girl! ~Tab

Once Upon A Closet said...

I don't care much for my hair. Hmmm...But the kids look adorable!

Raegan said...


Sharon said...

Thanks Tab! I wish we were closer too although I wish I had a beautiful lake close to me like you do!
AWW Aimee ya know your hais looks good!

Raegan they do have some prtty cute mommas!

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh, Lewis in that Easter basket is just tooooooo precious!

What a little bunch of blessings you have there!

One day, I will be a Nana... *giggles rubbing hands together!*

Have a blessed day!

Sharon said...


Isn't that the sweetest pic!
Being a NANA is a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, what a fun day! It rained here too but we had fun at Nana's house! lol
Lewis is so cute (along with the rest of the cute kiddos and their hot mommas!)It makes me excited for our little guy coming next month! :)