Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Craft Show, a few days off , A lost set and lots of Listings:)

Well I have official had my first custom set lost in the mail:( It left my house five weeks ago on route to Canada and has yet to show up! Say a little prayer it finds it's way home!
I participated in a Craft Fair last week. I did not have a lot of time to prepare as I was busy finishing up Christmas customs for E-bay. I did do okay and got a few orders and made some really great contacts at the same time! I will have to say our Hostess was a Doll and her Home was beyond gorgeous! We were set up in her Guest bedroom, which is why my sets are displayed on a Bed! Here are a few of the Things I took with me.

I have listed some of my Sample sets and OOAK Sets trying to make room for the New year. Here are a some of sneaks and you can find them here. Free Shipping to the US on all my Auctions!

I have been SOOO Busy I decided to take the weekend off and relax so I took the Kiddos on a Picnic Friday! I am not sure who had more fun the adults or the Kids!

I am in the Mood to Great something Really Cute this week so make sure to Check back!
PS I will Have a new Grand baby in less than a month!!!
PSS We find out what Jessie is having Wednesday! Isn't LIFE GOOD!

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