Monday, May 12, 2008

Need Fabric?

You can get it Here I am cleaning out
my fabric stash and letting go of Just a little! LOL .99 cents no reserve! If I sell this I can get some new fabric!

We are Planning a little Remodling job. I am so excited! here are our color picks on the wood flooring and carpet! I will take some before and after pics!


Jessica Eubanks Photography said...

Hey..I still owe you a session! Are you ready to use me?

Sharon said...

Yes I am! I need some measurements! i have the perfect set

Jessica Eubanks Photography said...

Great! Maybe I will see you tonight at Aimee's party. We can talk when and where business, ha! If not, I will get you digits from Aimee for the hmmmm 6th time, ha! She is probably going to write it on my forehead.