Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's On It's Way!

I finally finished my set for the Rnb launch.
It is on it's way to the model. Of course
I had to take a couple of pics of Abi in the set.
The Launch starts next Tuesday


Katarina said...

Wow!!!!Can't wait to see all the pics!!!!!Great job!!!!!!!!


Sharon said...

Thanks Katarina

Abi was a little sad someone else was modeling! She was even sadder she could not keep the little clippies I made as a gift.

Jessica said...

Hey Sharon, Congrats on being a grandma again. Also, wanted to let you know that anytime you need Kenzi to just model for ya...let me know. She is in a 2T and sometimes for the tops a 3T. Always love your work!

Sharon said...


Thanks!Yes I am excited about a new little one! I need to announce it on here. I can not beleive Kenzie has gotten so big. I may just take you up on the modeling. Give me a call and I can get some measurements!