Monday, March 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

What a busy weekend we had! It was a gourgeous weekend in East Texas. Our grandkids Kept us busy with all their fun activities! I love being a Mimi!

Nathan left for his his first vacation so I had to make him up a quick pair of Beach bum Shortalls! I am sure I will have some Beach pictures next week!

Catching a few ZZZ"s at mimis!

Saturday we watched 3 Soccer games! I did not have my camera for Abi's game but here are a few shots I took from Andrew's.

The other team did not show so the kids took on the adults! Here is Andrew challenging his Pop.

Couldn't resist adding ths shot!
Between games I did a photo shoot with the adorable Miss Peyton for the RNB launch starting tomorrow! Here is a sneak peek, I will add links Wed. morning!

Sunday we celebrated Abi's 6th Birthday!

Abi got ton's of clothes but this was her favorite gift!

Andrew loved this gift!

Thanks for letting me Share my Weekend!


Aimee said...

Those are some might cute kids!! There mom must be hot! ;-)

Sharon said...

Yep! I will make sure I post her pic tomorrow! I have some really good ones!

Katarina said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun!!!