Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter at Mimi's and M2MG Tropical Gardens

TheChicks are having an M2MG launch and I have this Sassy
Little Skirt Listed on E-bay! It is an OOAK 4 5 6.
I had a blast using scraps of Moda and Free Spirit Fabric to
Create this Fun Skirt! Abi was quite disappointed it was not
going home with her! I love Bright Colors! I am determined
as soon as I get caught up to make some more Scrap Skirts!
I love the challenge of mix and matching fabrics!

We had a wonderful time Easter. The kids came over for
Lunch and an egg Hunt! My Son in Law smoked the most
awesome Pork loin and Brisket! We all ate way to
Andrew finding an Easter goodie!

Nathan was more interested in his basket
than the hunt!

Abi finding her own goodies!

AWW! I wish my Daughter Jessie and Hubby
Could have been here. Just had to add her picture
Snuggling with the kiddos!

Checking out the Stash!

Look who ended up with all the goodies!

I had to add this picture! We planted a Cherry tree two years
ago and it is just starting to bloom! To bad it will not
produce cherries in Texas!

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