Monday, February 25, 2008

Signs of Spring

Well how was your weekend! Well Al is feeling better and I managed to stay well so I am thankful for that! I did managed to break not only my Sewing Machine but also my serger within 30 minutes of each other Saturday! So I will be heading for the repair shop today! I did manage to get 12 cupcacke goodie bags done for my grandaughter's BD Party though! Mind you they are not perfect but the girls liked them!

So I was out shooting some pictures of my set for theChicks Cute as a Button Launch and I thought I would take a couple of pictures of my trees in bloom for all you gals still dealing with the snow! Now mind you it is not a spectacular show of color but just a hint of God's work to come.

This is from my poor little Tulip Tree
That I hope some day will grow to be quite lovely

I am not sure what thi tree is called but in the
spring it has sectacular bright Red Buds
That fall off and twirl like helicopters I will have to add a
picture when it is in full bloom


Sugar*Buzz said...

Those cupcake bags are adorable! Glad you didnt get the flu! It was terrible!

Sharon said...


Thanks! I am thinking of listing them as Goodie bags! I am happy the Flu skipped me too!